The Life or Death Question: How Old Are Your Tires?

Are you planning to travel this summer? Before you load your suitcases and children into the family car, you may want to check your tires.  Old and unsafe tires are a leading cause of Georgia traffic accidents.
If you are like most drivers, you know that driving with worn tread is dangerous.  But did you know that the age of your tires can also put you at risk of an Atlanta car crash?
As tires age, the rubber degrades.  Tires over six years old are at risk of sudden tread separation.  Regardless of wear or amount of use, all tires should be replaced when they are six to ten years old.
Did you know your tires may be old even if you bought them recently? Unscrupulous tire dealers may sell tires that look new but that have been sitting on the rack for years.   How do you know the age of your tires?
Every tire has a Tire Identification Number.  This is a serial number that is inscribed on the tire's sidewall.  If your tire was manufactured after 2006, the number is on the outside sidewall and can be read easily.  If the tire was manufactured in 2006 or earlier, the number is on the inside sidewall and you will need to climb under your car to view the Tire Identification Number.
The last four digits of the serial number are the batch code and tell you the age of the tire. The first two numbers are the week of the year in which the tire was manufactured; the last two numbers are the last two digits of the year. A tire made in the 5th week of 2010 (February 2010) - would have a serial number ending in 0510.
If your tire's number ends in three digits, your tire was manufactured before 2000. This means the tire is over ten years old and should be replaced as soon as possible in order to avoid dread separation or tire blowout accidents.
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