When a Child Is Seriously Injured in a Pedestrian Accident, Is the Case Worth More or Less Than an Adult’s Case Value?

Every case is looked at individually—reviewing the facts—in order to determine a case value. In some cases, an adult’s case value will be more or less than a child’s pedestrian injury case worth due to the seriousness of the injuries involved.

In order to determine a child pedestrian injury claim in Georgia, every dime should be added up that has been spent on medical expenses such as surgery, prescriptions, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and counseling. Additionally, if a child will need ongoing medical treatment, therapy, or counseling, those costs should be factored in. If a child will need lifelong care and a parent needs to stop working to take care of the injured child, then lost income will also be a factor in determining a case value.

There is not one set financial number that a child’s pedestrian injury case is worth versus an adult’s injury claim. In order to determine what your child’s case is worth, you should speak with an experienced Gwinnett County pedestrian injury lawyer.

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