What Happens to My Damaged Car After an Atlanta Auto Accident?

If you are seriously injured in an Atlanta automobile accident, you will be taken to the emergency room. If your car is seriously injured, where will it go?

Obviously, your car can't stay at the scene of the accident. If your car is too damaged to be driven or if you are too injured to move your vehicle, the police officer at the scene will have your vehicle towed to a storage yard. It will stay there until you tell the storage company what to do with your damaged car.

You will have to pay the towing fee. If the police ordered the tow, there is usually a flat rate fee. Let your Atlanta auto accident attorney know if you are overcharged.

While your car is in storage, you will also have to pay a daily storage fee. Because these fees add up, you will want to have your car taken to the repair shop as soon as possible. For information about choosing a repair shop, read "Finding an Auto Repair Shop After Your Atlanta Traffic Accident."

Many Georgia accident victims ask, "Can I choose my own body shop?" You most certainly can. Make sure they are reputable, licensed, and insured. You may want to ask your insurance company for referrals.

Even if you have a trusted mechanic, you should get a few estimates of how much the repairs will cost before getting your car repaired. Ask that the estimate include "certified factory parts." The estimate will be free.

Once you have chosen a body shop, agree on the work to be done and the price. Give the estimate to the insurance company. They may try to negotiate a lower price with the mechanic. This is fine as long as all the work gets done and factory parts are used.

Before getting your car repaired, take pictures of the damage. Your insurance company may also want to take pictures of the damage. This is fine, but don't agree to a recorded statement or give any details about the accident or your injury.

To learn more about getting your car repaired, request a free copy of Atlanta car accident attorney Shane Smith's book, Property Damage Guide for Georgia. To discuss your claim with a personal injury attorney in Atlanta, contact Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656

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