Preventing Atlanta DUI Accidents How Can You Recognize a Drunk Driver

Recently, actor Ryan Dunn lost his life in a high-speed DUI car crash. Dunn's blood alcohol concentration measured .196 percent; more than twice the legal limit.  However, the manager of the bar at which Dunn was drinking said that Dunn did not seem to be drunk when he left.
Everyone processes alcohol differently.  Some people can seem fine even with a high BAC.  However, a new study suggests that no BAC is safe.  You can learn more about this study in our article, "Preventing Atlanta Drunk Driving Crashes: What Is A Safe Blood Alcohol Concentration?"  In this blog post, we will concentrate on how to recognize a drunk driver while on the road.
Signals that a driver may be drinking and driving:
  • Unpredictable steering
  • Driving outside of their lane
  • Driving in the wrong direction
  • Weaving across multiple lanes and traffic
  • Traveling under the speed limit
  • Travelling at high speed
  • Braking without warning or cause
  • Taking wide turns
  • Driving to close to objects or other cars
If you suspect a driver is drunk, get out of their way. Either let them pass or turn off the road. Once you are safe, call the police and report the driver. Your phone call may save a life.
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