Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer Explains What to Do if Filing a Claim Without a Police Report (Part A)

What if you do not have a police report? Your Atlanta auto accident lawyer can help in the absence of this helpful piece of evidence. Many people involved in a car accident fail to file a police report. They may be scared to call the police for fear that they will be blamed for the accident or afraid the police call will harm their driving record. They may feel that the accident was so minor in nature that calling the police would just be a waste of time. 

In some cases, they may not even think of it due to the circumstances or they may be simply unaware of the process. No matter the reason, not having a police report when filing a personal injury claim could make your case more difficult to defend. However, all is not lost with the right legal counsel. 

Why a Police Report is Crucial Evidence

No matter how minor the accident, filing a police report is often a good idea. A police report includes important information that can make or break your case. It is used when settling with the insurance company or the attorney of the other driver. The report includes information such as the date and time when the accident occurred. The location and weather conditions are also included. 

The report will have the police officer’s observation of the accident, as well as the party who the officer believes is at fault for the accident. If there were any witnesses, their statements will be included in the police report. 

If you suffered injuries after an auto accident but have no police report to defend your claim, get the legal representation you need. To file a personal injury claim, contact an Atlanta auto accident attorney from the Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656

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