What is the number one most dangerous thing a truck driver does that leads to an accident?

There are many things that truck drivers do behind the wheel of their big rigs that can put innocent motorists in danger of a Georgia trucking accident. Many of the dangerous driving habits truckers engage in includes—speeding, driving while drowsy, driving intoxicated, overloading their rigs, making reckless lane changes, and driving too many hours without resting or taking adequate breaks.

While all of the aforementioned driving habits are risky, they may not be the most dangerous thing a semi driver could do behind the wheel. According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) and other researchers, the most risky thing truckers could do is text and drive.

Texting while driving has been known to take a truck driver’s eyes off the road for five seconds at a time, hands off the wheel of a large and powerful vehicle, and mind off of driving. These three things that texting while driving does “far surpasses” other risk factors, according to the report from VTTI.

While texting while driving might be considered the most dangerous thing a semi-truck driver does behind the wheel, all of the risky dangerous driving behaviors mentioned above are grounds to bring a claim against a truck driver, trucking company, and the insurance companies involved.

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