Are Cell Phones Ever Safe in the Car?

Numerous studies have demonstrated the dangers of texting, emailing, or using the internet while driving.  Various nonprofits and other groups have spent millions of dollars on research and education regarding the risks of texting and driving.  However, in the recent focus on texting, less attention has been paid to the continued dangers of other distracting behaviors, such as simply having a conversation on a cell phone.  Any distracted driving behaviors may cause accidents and injuries.  If you are injured in an accident caused by a driver who was distracted, you should contact an experienced Coweta County auto accident attorney for help in holding that driver responsible.

Studies continue to show that while having a conversation on a cell phone does not necessarily take your eyes off of the road, it does take at least one hand off the wheel and does distract your attention from driving.  A conversation does take a large amount of concentration, which is concentration taken off of the road ahead of you.  Some states have completely banned all drivers from using hand-held mobile devices, and most have banned young drivers and commercial drivers from ever using hand-held devices.  This has led to an increase in the use of hands-free devices, such as Bluetooth or other earpieces.  Furthermore, drivers are making use of programs such as Siri for iPhone or other talk-to-text dictation programs.

However, recent research has demonstrated that using talk-to-text or other hands-free devices makes drivers only slightly less distracted than hand-held.  True, their hands are kept on the wheel, but drivers remain cognitively distracted.  In fact, it is estimated that drivers using hands-free devices are still three times as distracted as drivers not using any mobile devices at all.

Though no states have banned the use of hands-free devices while driving, drivers should be aware of the continued risks of distracted driving.  If you are in an accident with a distracted driver, call Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 as soon as possible.  An auto accident lawyer is waiting to help you.

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