Will Peachtree Street Get its Bike Lanes to Slash Georgia Bike Crashes?

Many people ride their bicycles to and from downtown Atlanta. However, some people would commute to work this way but don’t because they feel that the streets are not bike-friendly. When streets do not have bike paths or designated bicycle lanes, many cyclists feel that cycling to work is just too dangerous. For this reason, the City of Atlanta is continually trying to improve cycling conditions in order to reduce Georgia bike accidents and injuries.

As you may already know, the Atlanta City Council approved $2.5 million that will add about 15 miles of bike lanes to the city. The areas slated to receive these bike lanes include parts of Peachtree Street downtown and going north into the Brookwood area; however, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition has stated that there are no plans for the Midtown stretch of Peachtree.

Because the goal of this project was to make the entire Peachtree Street bike-ready, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition launched a petition. They are lobbying for another $2 million the city currently has from the Atlanta Regional Commission to fund the project. Coalition leader Rebecca Serna wrote, “…there’s an opportunity to create a continuous bike lane from Downtown to Brookwood on Peachtree Street/Peachtree Center Avenue.”

There is a huge demand in Atlanta for bike infrastructure, and the Coalition believes that “Bike lanes in our signature street would make a powerful statement that Atlanta is truly becoming a bikeable city focused on creating quality of life for its residents,” said Serna. She also said that over 500 people have already signed the petition to add bike lanes to Peachtree Street in hopes of reducing Georgia cycling accidents and making the city more bike-friendly.

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