Using Expert Witnesses in PI Cases

Many people suffer injuries in accidents that occur because another person was negligent. Negligence can cause auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, workplace accidents, and many others. Victims of such accidents deserve to be fully compensated for all of their injury-related losses, including medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and more. In order to recover, victims must make an adequate showing that the other party did, in fact, act in a negligent manner to cause their injuries. While this may seem simple to some people, proving negligence is actually more complicated and difficult than one may imagine in most situations. For this reason, you should always enlist the help of a Coweta County personal injury attorney to help you with a claim.

A PI attorney has access to many resources to help investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident in order to show that the other party was negligent. One important resource is the expert witness. Experts can examine evidence from the accident scene in order to recreate the accident and determine the exact cause. Experts will use scientific and/or academic analysis to make a strong argument that the other person was negligent in causing the accident. Reports compiled by experts can often help convince the other side to agree to an appropriate settlement for you. If the other party refuses to settle and the case goes to trial, your attorney may use the testimony of an expert to help convince the jury that you deserve to recover for your injuries and losses.

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By making use of expert witnesses, their reports, and their testimony at trial, your personal injury lawyer will help build a strong, aggressive case to show that the other party acted in a negligent fashion and caused your injury. If you have suffered injury in a preventable accident because of someone’s negligence, do not delay in calling Shane Smith Law today at (980) 246-2656. We offer free consultations and can help you receive the settlement you deserve.

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