Vehicle Ejections Can Cause Serious Injury

Motor vehicle accidents can cause serious injury and even death. When a driver or a passenger is unrestrained, he or she may potentially be ejected from the vehicle. Vehicle ejections are responsible for some of the most serious injuries motorists and passengers can incur, and these injuries may even be fatal. The medical costs associated with injuries sustained from vehicle ejections can be significant, and can require the need for ongoing medical care. These costs can affect both the victim and the victim’s family, and as a result, the recovery in vehicle ejection cases can be significant. Shane Smith Law is a law firm that is dedicated to representing the rights of people injured in car accidents, and is committed to obtaining the highest possible settlement for each client represented.

Earlier this year, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced a new regulation aimed at decreasing occupant ejections from passenger vehicles. The regulation is set to phase into effect in 2013.

The new regulation requires vehicle manufacturers to develop countermeasures for light passenger vehicles (under 10,000 lbs.) that prevent an unbelted adult from moving more than 4 inches past the side window opening in case of a crash.

According to National Highway Safety Traffic Administration Administrator David Strickland, "Rollover crashes are the deadliest of all crash types and this is another important step in our efforts to reduce fatalities and serious injuries that result from them," and "when fully implemented, we believe this standard will prevent on average 373 fatalities and 476 serious injuries every year."

The announcement is part of an overall effort on the part of the NHSTA to improve passenger safety in the event of a rollover crash. The move comes as a follow up to a previously implemented rule requiring all new vehicles to come equipped with electronic stability control to keep from losing vehicle control and also mandating higher roof crush standards to keep vehicle occupant safe.

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