How Are DUI Accidents Different than Other Car Wrecks

DUI accidents differ quite significantly from other types of car wrecks. Here are a few key things that make them different than other types of car wrecks.

  • An accident involving a drunk driver often causes significantly more damage to victims as well as causing significant psychological trauma given the circumstances surrounding the accident. The injuries sustained can be very costly to a victim and their loved ones.
  • In drunk driving accidents there can be more than one responsible party, including the establishment who served the alcohol. 
  • A claim in a DUI accident can be significantly higher because the losses are greater and the negligent driver is often tried in two courts, both criminal and civil. 

Lawsuits involving drunk drivers can be complicated, and good representation assures that a victim in a DUI accident is fully and fairly represented in a case so they are able to retrieve the compensation they will need and that they deserve. An experienced DUI victim attorney in Georgia will be able to help you navigate the complications of a drunk driving accident case and recover the necessary damages.

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