How Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyers Prove Truck Driver Negligence

Trucker drivers have state and federal regulations they must follow when driving a tractor-trailer. Disobeying those regulations can lead to a serious truck accident. 

Types of State and Federal Regulations 

Truck drivers have regulations concerning the following: 

  • Hours of service – truck drivers can only drive a certain number of hours.
  • Texting – truck drivers cannot text while driving.
  • Alcohol and drugs – no alcohol and drug use before or while driving, and routine drug tests must be administered.
  • Truck inspections – daily truck testing and maintenance are required.
  • Logbooks – All hours, alcohol and drug testing, and truck inspections and testing must be logged. 

How an Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer Builds a Case 

When an Atlanta truck accident lawyer reviews an accident, he or she may look for clues of truck driver negligence. This often has to do with the state and federal regulations the truck driver must follow. 

The first step in building the case is to request the logbooks. They can show whether the truck driver drove longer than allowed according to state and federal regulations. Logbooks also can show if the driver has received alcohol and drug tests and if the truck has received inspections, as required. If the truck driver violated any of the regulations according to the logbook, he or she might be negligent in the eyes of the court. 

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