Airbags and debris cause serious car crash eye injuries.

A collision on I-285 west of downtown Atlanta left two people suffering serious eye injuries.
The Atlanta car wreck occurred around 2:40 p.m. on Sunday, August 22.
Katherine Jackson was driving north on I-285 near the exit for Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SW when she lost control of her vehicle and struck the median.  The impact caused the vehicle to roll.
All four people in Jackson's vehicle were injured, but in stable condition.  However, both Jackson and a child in the rear seat suffered serious injuries. Jackson is at risk of losing vision in one eye.
Eye injuries are common in car accidents. Many are caused  by flying debris, but you may be surprised to learn that eye injuries are also caused by airbags.
Airbag eye injuries can cause partial or total blindness. The damage may be temporary or permanent. There appears to be a greater risk for injury for children and women and both drivers and passengers are at risk for eye injuries from air bags.

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