Are You a Victim of an Atlanta Miss-and-Run Accident?

We've all had those near misses: a car cuts you off and speeds by; only your fast reactions save you from a serious collision with another vehicle. But what happens if you can't react fast enough?

The term "miss-and-run" accident, or phantom accident, refers to a crash caused by a reckless driver who never actually made contact with your car. He speeds by with no idea of the damage he has caused.

Atlanta miss-and-run accidents may result in serious property damage, life-threatening injury, and even wrongful death.

As you can imagine, it is hard to prove fault in a miss-and-run accident; after all, the reckless driver has left the scene. If you have been injured in an Atlanta miss-and-run accident, your insurance should cover you just as it would in a Georgia hit-and-run crash. However, your insurance company may even accuse you of making up the second vehicle to avoid liability.

So what can you do?

There are ways to prove fault. Miss-and-run drivers often leave skid marks and other clues. If there are witnesses to the crash, they may be able to back-up your story. If the crash occurred at an intersection, a red light camera - or even a store security camera - may have caught some of the crash on tape.

If you have been injured in a miss-and-run car crash and would like to discuss your accident with an Atlanta car crash attorney, contact Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656.

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