What if my Child Suffers Injury in a School Bus Accident?

When you send your child to ride on a school bus, you are entrusting them to the school bus driver and any other school employees that may be present. Though you should be able to trust that your child reaches his or her destination safely, this is unfortunately not the case. Every year in the United States, thousands of children suffer injuries while riding on a school bus. If your child has been injured, a resulting legal claim against a school district, the bus company, the driver, or another party may be complicated. For this reason, you always want to discuss your case with an experienced Coweta County auto accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Types of common school bus injuries

Though many school bus injuries do result from collisions, a school bus does not have to be involved in an accident for a child passenger to suffer injuries. The following are common reasons why a child may suffer injuries while riding on a school bus:

  • The driver makes a sharp turn or drives erratically and the child falls from their seat

  • A window malfunctions and injures a child

  • A child slips and falls in the aisle of the school bus due to hazardous flooring conditions

  • A child slips and falls on the stairs of the bus due to hazardous conditions

  • The bus driver collides with a child who is walking in front of the bus or near the bus

  • A child suffers an injury inflicted by another passenger due to inadequate supervision on the bus

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