10 Tips to Help You Avoid a Car Repair Scam in Georgia

In the article "Georgia Car Accident Victims: Beware of Car Repair Scams,"  Peachtree accident lawyer Shane Smith discusses common car repair scams that may affect accident victims.

If you are charged an unreasonable amount for your car repairs, there is a chance that your insurance company may refuse to pay. Even worse, repairs that are done poorly or completed with substandard parts can put you and your family at risk of another Georgia traffic accident.

These tips can help you avoid being a victim of a Georgia car repair scam:

  1. Never use a towing service unless you, the police or your insurance company called that service.

  2. Do your research. Check out any mechanic or auto body shop with the Better Business Bureau and make sure the shop is licensed.

  3. Get several estimates.

  4. Always ask for a written estimate before you authorize any repair to your car. Initial every amount that is shown and tell the dealer that you want a copy of the estimate.

  5. Ask for a guarantee in writing.

  6. Ask the repair shop to contact you if they find additional problems.

  7. Ask to see invoices for any parts that were ordered for your car. If possible, ask to see the parts - especially airbags.

  8. Make sure that the airbag cover matches the other trim in your car.

  9. If your airbag light behaves differently after your repairs, contact another mechanic.

  10. Ask to keep any parts that were replaced.

For more information about finding a reliable mechanic, read our article, "Finding an Auto Repair Shop After Your Atlanta Traffic Accident."

If you have been injured in a Georgia car accident, contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer today.

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