If you have lost a loved one to an Atlanta DUI accident, you are certainly grieving. However, grief can take many forms. Here are six ways that grief may be expressed after a Georgia DUI death.

  1. Physical symptoms: People who are grieving are more vulnerable to illness and accident. They often experience aches and pains and may feel worn out. There may be a change in appetite.
  2. Depression: Many people experience short term depression or profound sadness after the loss of a loved one.
  3. Shock or denial: This is the mind’s way of buffering itself from the full-impact of the loss until it can handle the situation.
  4. Fear or vulnerability: You once felt immune to disasters, but the shock of the accident made you realize that bad things can happen to you. You may begin to fear the unknown. Long-term anxiety may be a sign of PTSD.
  5. Guilt: You may feel that you could have prevented the accident if you had only done something differently.
  6. Anger: You may feel angry at the drunk driver, at the emergency workers who couldn’t save your family member or even at your loved one who died. These feelings are normal.

You may wish that you could go back in time and undo the accident. That is impossible. You may wish for an apology from the drunk driver. That is unlikely, but you can get justice and accountability. Atlanta DUI injury lawyer Shane Smith helps the families of Georgia DUI victims get compensation for their losses through civil lawsuits. To learn more, contact Shane Smith Law at 866-976-1629.

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