“I thought a lawyer would only cost me money.  I thought I didn’t need a lawyer.  I thought a lawyer would only take my money.”

     I hear these excuses from people who hire me in the middle or at the end of their cases.  They try to explain why they waited so long to call a lawyer.

            The insurance industry did a study and has repeated the study several times.  Every time I have seen the results, they are the same.  The group who did the study found that people with lawyers receive settlement numbers three and a half times higher than those without. 

     These are their numbers, not mine.  At my firm, we do our best to tell you about pitfalls that can hurt your case.  We help you to avoid them.  We try to fix any mistakes.  We argue with the insurance company and will investigate your claim.  We know what a case is worth.

            I do not expect my clients to know as much about personal injury cases as I do.  After all, this is what we do all day, every day.  For most of my clients, this is their first injury in a car wreck. 

Shane Smith
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Advocate for the Seriously Injured in Georgia

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