It depends. Your child may have a personal injury claim for damages if the school is found negligent. If the school failed to maintain the playground equipment on which your child was injured, then they should be held accountable for your child’s brain injury. Additionally, if protective flooring, such as shredded rubber, mulch, wood chips, or sand, was not used to absorb the energy of a fall, then the school may also be liable for your child’s playground injury in Georgia. 

Schools are supposed to maintain playground equipment and make sure children are safe when playing on swings, slides, monkey bars, and the other equipment.

While we guarantee you have a case without investigating the details surrounding your child’s accident, we can tell you that it is crucial to your child’s health and your potential personal injury claim to make sure she receives medical treatment immediately. Also, do not sign anything from the school or give a recorded statement to the insurance company without speaking with an attorney. 

It will be beneficial to your case to take pictures of the playground equipment or area where your child was injured and call an attorney experienced in brain injuries. Your child could unfortunately suffer from long-term cognitive difficulties as a result of the fall, and your family should be compensated accordingly. 

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