Every few years, the insurance companies do a study to find out if people who have lawyers make more money in accident cases than people who don’t.  This is a study paid for and performed by the insurance companies and they are deliberately trying to reduce the involvement of competent personal injury attorneys in bodily injury cases.  Why are they trying to do this?  Some people might think it’s so that the injured parties get more money.  After all, if a lawyer is not involved, the claimant doesn’t have to pay a lawyer.  Also, the case might go more smoothly, be resolved more quickly, and be less confrontational. 

      However, every few years when they do this study, the results are the same. It’s a study performed by the Insurance Research Council, a nonprofit organization that’s supported by property and casualty companies across the United States.  This is the same organization that advances insurance company abuse, does some advertising/propaganda talking about insurance companies and lobbies your elected officials.  Every year, this study finds almost exactly the same thing:  that people who have lawyers receive on average three and a half times more money in settlements than people who settle on their own.  This is based on the total amount of the settlement prior to paying lawyers and medical bills and anything else. Three and a half times.  This seems to me to explain why they try to reduce attorney involvement:  money.

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