If you or a loved one is a Georgia drunk driving accident victim, then you are most likely trying to understand the legal system regarding drunk driving accidents in Georgia, and why so many occur.

Police officers in Georgia can pull over a car only when they have probable cause. This means that an officer has to witness a driver behaving erratically, weaving, swerving, drifting within his own lane, driving with the headlights off at night, using the wrong turn signals, driving too slowly, following too closely, almost hitting an obstacle or another car, or braking too frequently. When a police officer pulls over a driver after witnessing one or multiple traffic infractions like the ones mentioned here, then he has probable cause to question the driver.

Upon questioning, if the officer smells alcohol on the driver’s breath, sees an open container, or hears the driver slur his speech, then he has probable cause to test the driver with a field sobriety test. If that driver fails the field sobriety test, then the officer can take the driver into the police station for further testing. 

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