There is no set formula on what your car accident claim or personal injury case is worth following a car accident. Years ago, it was common wisdom that you were entitled to three times your medical bills, pain and suffering. That was always the standard practice in personal injury cases whether or not one had a personal injury lawyer. Now, that practice is a memory of the past.

Car insurance is a big business. If you have any questions about that, take a look at Warren Buffet. Buffet bought GEICO many years ago and has made more money than any person in the American stock market through solely stocks! He is a big business and likes to make money. He would not have invested in GEICO if car insurance companies lost money.

In order to settle a Coweta personal injury case a lawyer or a claimant will gather all the medical bills, medical records, heir lost wage documentation, and write a narrative detailing their pain and suffering, and begin negotiations to settle the Coweta personal injury case.

Insurance companies take all this information and add the lawyer's reputation. They ask questions about whether or not they file lawsuits in personal injury, whether they settled all their cases, and input this information into their system. They take this information and compare it to the averages of your city and county and the same for the person liable. From that information, they compile a settlement range for your personal injury case.

The insurance company will then negotiate with the personal injury lawyer or yourself to try to settle the case as low as they can. It is your personal injury lawyer's job to settle your case for the most. If it is an unfair offer, many times your personal injury lawyer will discuss filing an actual lawsuit for your personal injuries against the insurance company.






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