Moving Trucks Cause Serious Accidents

When people move, many choose to rent a truck themselves instead of hiring costly movers. However, when average citizens without a commercial driver’s license attempt to drive these large vehicles, it is not surprising that accidents commonly occur. Most truck drivers go through extensive training and testing to get licensed to drive large and heavy trucks, however, rental companies allow everyday people to rent these trucks for a day and operate them with no training or special license. When this happens, serious accidents may occur and victims of moving truck accidents may suffer extensive injuries and large financial losses. If you have been the victim of a moving truck accident, you should contact an experienced Coweta County truck accident lawyer for help as soon as possible to discuss a possible case.

Regular drivers who operate moving trucks cause accidents for several reasons:

  • Moving trucks have more blind spots than regular passenger vehicles, including on the sides and back of the truck.
  • The turning ability is completely different on a truck than on a car, and the trailer must often swing into adjacent lanes while turning. Additionally, regular drivers may attempt to take turns too quickly.
  • Trailers are heavy, especially when filled with furniture and other belongings. This makes it take longer for a moving truck to brake or stop.
  • People who are moving, especially long distances, may be tired and their fatigue may lead to loss of focus and accidents.
  • The rental company may not have properly inspected or maintained the trucks and parts could malfunction, such as brakes or tires.

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