In order to get the best settlement after a car or truck wreck, an Atlanta injury attorney may be your only hope. Insurance adjustors, courts or even your employer may not have your best interest in mind and may try to pressure you into taking a low settlement for your claim. Do not let yourself be rushed through the process or pressured. Call injury attorney Shane Smith, and he will help you decide if you need a lawyer. He explains more about this in his informational video. Having a lawyer in your corner ensures that your needs such as your medical condition, doctor’s bills and financial concerns are the main focus. Insurance companies only look at the bottom line and are out to save the most money. You need a lawyer who will stand up to the insurance company and who understands that injuries from car accidents can lead to a lifetime of pain, medical bills, time off work, loss of pay, and repair costs, among other expenses. If you have been involved and injured in a car, motorcycle or truck accident in Georgia, you will need someone to look out for you and to get you the highest possible settlement. Call attorney Shane Smith with your legal questions regarding personal injury claims at (770) 487-8999.

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