Attorney Discusses Treatment for Whiplash Injury

The first doctor you are likely to see in the event of an auto accident is an emergency room physician. The ER is for serious, and sometimes even deadly injuries. When a whiplash injury rolls into the ER, the first thing that is checked is if the neck is broken or for any other life-threatening problems. If it is not life-threatening, the patient is sent home with precautions and generally some type of prescription. The ER doctor tells you to rest, use a neck collar, ice your neck, and take prescribed medications. The doctor also mentions that if you continue to feel bad after two weeks, see your primary care physician for further treatment. However, this is extremely bad advice because it is critical to receive care for optimal recovery during the first two weeks after a car accident. The opportunity for treatment is greatly overlooked by patients. A whiplash neck injury should be treated in the same way as any other injury. For example, when one has a sore throat, a doctor does not same come back when your tonsils are swollen and covered in infection. The same principle must go for whiplash injury. Treat it immediately to prevent further issues such as TMJ.