How Did Your Accident Happen & How Bad Was It?

Just because you were in an Atlanta car accident, doesn't necessarily mean you have a solid case. There are certain factors that must be considered when determining if you should pursue an injury claim in Georgia.

In this video, Atlanta auto accident attorney Shane Smith discusses the three things our law firm reviews. One of the first questions that we ask is - how did the accident happen? Even if you were issued a ticket after the crash, you may still have a case. We will just need to evaluate your situation a little closer.

The next thing we'll review is the extent of the Atlanta car wreck or truck accident. For example, how bad was it? We'll want to know the amount of damage to the vehicles.

Lastly, we need to know if you received medical care for your injuries. In Georgia, if you want to pursue compensation, you have to show that you were actually injured. Medical records, therefore, become very important in personal injury cases.

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