Can I Get the Store Video From My Slip and Fall?

Have you suffered a slip and fall in Norcross and want to get the video? After all, stores have security cameras, right? They should definitely work with you to provide the footage of your fall. Well, this is not necessarily the case—especially if your fall was the fault of the store.

A lot of times clients will call and say, “We’ve got to get the video of where I fell in the store.” The perception out there is that all you have to do is write a letter to the insurance company and they have to turn over the video. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. We cannot get the video in most cases without filing a lawsuit.

We send a legal document to the store or their insurance company asking them to preserve all the videos because we expect to go into litigation in this case or we expect to have to file a lawsuit. When we send that it tells them they can’t delete the video and they can’t destroy it. They have to hold on to it so that once we do file the actual lawsuit, we can get the video and everyone can observe it. Insurance companies rarely send the video out to you before they file a lawsuit unless it’s detrimental or damaging to your case.

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