Are Some Businesses More Dangerous Than Others?

Have you been injured in a Peachtree City slip and fall accident? In this video, attorney Shane Smith explains how some retail stores and businesses can be more dangerous than others, increasing the risk of slip and fall accidents.

Just like there are different types of car accidents there are different types of stores and retail environments. The courts have held that some businesses can be more dangerous than a regular store. One of the things we look at is whether or not the particular place where someone got hurt was more dangerous than Walmart or a grocery store. A store that comes to mind is a pet store where you are allowed to bring your dogs or cats into the store while you shop. Everyone knows that dogs and cats occasionally use the bathroom in the store. So by inviting those pets in they’ve created a more dangerous condition than a regular retail environment. The same goes for big box stores that put restaurants inside the store. They know there will be a higher instance of people carrying drinks out of the restaurant or into the segway between the restaurant and the store. This will result in more spills in that area. Therefore, they will have a heightened burden of making sure the store is safe.

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