Can I Get the Incident Report From My Slip and Fall?

Did you slip and fall in Peachtree City? If so, a manager will probably approach you and fill out an incident report, which will give an overview of your injuries, the date and time of the incident, and the causes of the slip or trip and fall. While it may seem like you could get a copy of this report for your own records, the fact is that sometimes you can’t. 

We’ve found that there is a greater degree of success when the injured party immediately asks for a copy of the incident report from the manager because it’s very hard for the manager to say “no” to your face. Sometimes you can even go back to the store a day or two later and ask for a copy.

However, if we, your Peachtree City slip and fall lawyers, request a copy, it sometimes isn’t as easy. We can send a legal document requesting the report, but most of the time they won’t send it to us because they will say it is privileged information for their lawyer. We will always request it once we file a lawsuit, but the best chance of success is for the client to request the report from the manager's face to face.

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