Investigating Store Policy and Procedure For Fall Accidents

Are you concerned that your slip and fall case might be dismissed due to store policy and procedure records that show the store was properly inspected the day of your accident? As Shane Smith explains in this video; these records aren’t necessarily always correct.

It’s important when evaluating slip and fall cases to not only find out the store’s policies and procedures but also whether or not they were followed the day of the accident. This is a step that takes a little more investigation because of the circumstances surrounding the set procedures and the actual slip and fall accident. The store policies and procedures may state for the employee to walk the store and check the floor. However, in some situations, we will have a witness state that the employee did not perform this task. Oftentimes, during the deposition, the employee will admit to not fully performing the task. For instance, we had a situation where the store employees were trained to look at the floor any time they walked around the store. When we asked an employee about it, she said “You would think I followed it but I didn’t.”  It seems crazy that an employee would admit to excluding this from her duties, but you would be surprised at the number of people who will admit to not doing their job.

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