An Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help Deal with Insurance Companies in Truck Accident Injury Cases (Part A)

Finding help from an Atlanta truck accident lawyer can help when dealing with insurance companies and truck accident injuries. When there is an accident with a commercial vehicle involved, many insurance companies may also be involved. 

Each insurance company wants to ensure they aren’t made liable for the damages. Understanding why there may be so many insurance companies or policies involved in a claim may help with getting the compensation you deserve in a truck accident injury. 

Insurance Companies Involved 

When there is a truck accident, the damages can be extensive; severe injuries or death may result. No insurance company wants to be responsible for compensating victims of an accident. For this reason, insurance companies will do whatever they can to deflect blame for the wreck. 

Truck drivers may have more than one insurance company under them. The following are the possible types of insurance companies that may be involved in the truck accident claim. 

Truck Driver’s Insurance 

Some truck drivers work as contractors, so they have personal insurance. In this case, there may only be one insurance company involved in the accident, in addition to the motor vehicle’s insurance company. 

Truck Company and Truck Driver Insurance 

In some cases, the truck company owns the truck, but the truck driver works on contract. If the accident was a result of the truck’s malfunction, the truck company’s insurance company may be responsible for the claim. 

If the truck driver was negligent, the truck driver’s insurance company may be the one responsible for the accident claim. The two insurance companies may go head to head, and your insurance company may be involved as well. 

Equipment Insurance Company 

With a tractor-trailer, you must consider the cabin and the trailer, as the truck company may not own the trailer. Instead, the trailer may have its own company, which means it has its own insurance company. The truck company may not own other equipment that is attached to or part of the tractor-trailer. This means there could be additional insurance companies involved in the accident investigation. 

How an Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help 

With all of the insurance companies that may come into play, it’s important to know what to do after an accident involving commercial vehicles. Continue to the next page to find out how an Atlanta truck accident lawyer can help build your truck accident injury claim to get the retribution you deserve.

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