Atlanta Truck Accident: 5 Prevention Tips Offered by an Attorney (Part A)

The impact of an Atlanta truck accident can be devastating. Injuries are often catastrophic as most vehicles are simply no match against an 18-wheeler.

If you or someone you love has been a victim, you may benefit from speaking to a truck accident attorney who can get you compensation for:
  • medical costs;
  • lost wages;
  • pain and suffering;
  • disability; and
  • more.  
An attorney can explain the types of damages you may be entitled to seek.

Preventing an Atlanta Truck Accident

You can only do your part when it comes to preventing a crash. When it comes to trucks, there are some tips you can follow that may help reduce the chance of being injured in an accident involving a commercial vehicle.

The first tip for preventing an accident is to be extra attentive and alert when around a truck. Although this should be the case whenever you are behind the wheel, pay special attention to trucks. Trucks move differently than cars, such as trailer sway. If you are driving in tight spaces, it may take just a few inches for the truck to sideswipe you.

The second tip is to be very cautious about passing a truck. Too many drivers try to quickly whip around these big rigs, which can be very risky. To pass a truck, slowly accelerate and try to keep your speed consistent while you are passing. Before you signal and move your vehicle in front of the truck, make sure the entire cab can be seen in your rearview mirror.

The third tip for avoiding this type of accident is to be aware of blind spots. If you are unable to see the side mirrors on the truck, the driver cannot see you. Many accidents occur because of a car being in the truck’s blind spot.

Although there are many ways you can avoid an accident, a truck driver may not be so cautious. If the negligence of the opposing party can be proven, you may be entitled to collect compensation for the damages and injuries you have endured. Contact a truck accident attorney to find out what legal options you have: (980) 246-2656.
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