Disgruntled Truck Drivers Cause Accidents

Countless studies show that people perform better in their jobs the more content and satisfied they are with their work. On the other hand, if someone is unhappy in their position or burnt out on the type of work they do, their job performance starts to slip. Truck drivers are no different. Many jobs have managers and supervisors constantly watching over employees for signs of discontentment and the related mistakes. Truck drivers, however, do not have supervisors constantly watching them as they drive their trucks. In fact, many drivers check in with supervisors once a week, if that. Therefore, no one is there to constantly hold truck drivers accountable for slipping job performance. Furthermore, when a truck driver makes a mistake, it may affect the lives of many other motorists on the road and may cause them serious injury. If you have been in a truck accident because a truck driver made a mistake, you should always contact a Fayette County truck accident attorney as soon as possible for help.

Truck drivers are frequently dissatisfied with their jobs for several reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Long, monotonous hours on the road
  • Long separations from friends and family
  • Relatively low pay
  • Poor nutrition due to lack of good food options on the interstates
  • Lack of easy access to health care, including therapy, psychological, and psychiatric services
  • Uncomfortable sleeping arrangements

All of these stresses can add up and cause a commercial truck driver to become disgruntled, which may in turn cause him to make more mistakes on the road. While many of these dissatisfactions may be understandable, truck drivers should still not make mistakes that cause accidents and injuries to other motorists. Instead, truck drivers and companies should work to identify disgruntled drivers and try to remedy the situation.

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