First Steps of a Truck Accident Claim: Accident Site Evidence

When you hear the word "evidence" in regards to a truck accident in Georgia, the first things that come to mind are most likely photographs and contact information. However, there are plenty of other important types of evidence to preserve when you want to give your truck accident claim every possible advantage. 

Make sure you know where your vehicle is being towed and make sure the tow truck driver brings it to a storage facility to be held as evidence, rather than destroying it. The same goes for the truck involved in your accident – if your crash was caused by poor truck maintenance, and the truck is scrapped, you could lose the physical proof that the truck company is liable for your accident. 

Along with the obvious physical evidence, pay attention to the little things as well. Personal items in your car that were damaged can be clues as to the severity of the impact, and your damaged clothing can be evidence of your injuries. If you were riding a bicycle or had on any safety gear while traveling as a pedestrian, make sure these items are saved as well to show damage they sustained from the wreck. 

Take note of the surrounding areas as well. Weather conditions, traffic congestion, and other distractions could have a part in your truck accident claim. These forces may work for or against you later in the claims process, so it’s important to let your attorney know the area conditions so they can account for that in the claim documentation preparation. 

Evidence gathering is just the second of 5 important steps to take after a truck accident in Georgia. For professional help in following through these steps, contact an Atlantapersonal injury attorney.  

An Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You with Claim Evidence

Without adequate evidence proving that another's negligence caused your truck accident, you may face denial of your claim. You have a right to compensation for your damages when another’s negligence causes you harm in a truck accident – but this right can be upheld only when you can provide proof of liability. 

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