Let a Personal Injury Attorney Review Your Truck Accident Settlement (Part A)

Ask anyone who has been through the personal injury claim process, and they’ll tell you one of the biggest frustrations is waiting to receive compensation to start paying down their bills. Having medical and personal debts pile up is a common occurrence after a truck accident – victims with serious injuries are usually unable to work and lose income while incurring medical bills at the same time. 

When you see that first truck accident settlement offer in your mailbox, don’t let the dollar amount distract you – in most cases, your claim is worth much more! Before accepting any offers, let a Georgia personal injury attorney help you file your claim and review any offers that come your way. 

Insurance Company Tricks: The Quick Truck Accident Settlement 

The insurance companies know that most accident victims are scrambling to recover financially from their damages and will take advantage of it. This leads them to offer a quick-but-undervalued truck accident settlement that they hope will satisfy the victim’s needs and end the claim. 

These initial settlements rarely take into account all of the damages related to a serious truck accident. In some cases, the offer is made before the victim even has a chance to provide any evidence of the accident. 

In most cases, the initial truck accident settlement will satisfy only the insurance company’s minimum liability. They won’t consider the full extent of your damages and how they most likely will continue to impact your physical, emotional, and financial future. 

There are numerous types of compensation you should seek when you file your truck accident claim. Your Georgia personal injury attorney can help make sure that you are seeking the full amount of damages to which you are entitled and that your final settlement is one that will provide for your future losses and needs. 

Continue reading to learn about the most important types of compensation and how your attorney can help you protect your right to a fair settlement. 

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