Supporting a Loved One Who Has a Brain Injury in Georgia

Maybe your loved one told you that he was injured, or maybe you received the dreadful phone call that your loved one is in the hospital after suffering a brain injury in a Georgia car accident or work accident. You want to be there for your family member, but how can you help?

Helping When an Injury Hasn’t Been Diagnosed Yet

Your loved one may be in pain but he doesn’t want to go to the hospital. He may be telling you that his injury isn’t that bad, or the car accident didn’t total his car so it can’t be too serious. Although his vehicle was not totaled or he didn’t think the crash was that severe, he doesn’t know the extent of his injuries without getting medical treatment to rule out a brain injury. As a family member, it is best to help encourage your loved one to go to the hospital, or emergency room or make a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible after the accident because any accident can be serious. This way, your loved one will get the medical treatment necessary to help him recover.

Supporting Your Loved One After a Brain Injury Diagnosis

If your friend or a family member suffered a brain injury in a Peachtree accident, your loved one will need your support. You can support your loved one by being there for him as much as you can, and by also doing the following:

  • Advocating for his medical care – Ask the doctors questions, be your loved one’s voice, ensure that he gets timely emergency medical care, make sure he is taken into surgery as soon as possible after his brain injury has been diagnosed, and stay on top of his ongoing medical needs even after surgery
  • Making sure he gets the best legal representation – Because brain injuries can cause significant lifelong problems that require extensive medical care, it is important to have excellent legal representation. A Peachtree brain injury lawyer can help with your loved one’s financial recovery.

If your family member suffered a brain injury in Georgia due to someone else’s negligence, he will need you to advocate for his medical care and he will need a skilled attorney to advocate for his financial recovery. Call Shane Smith Law to speak with a knowledgeable brain injury lawyer to help your loved one. Dial (980) 246-2656 for a free consultation today.

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