Tanker Truck Rollover Accidents

Tanker trucks are the long, cylindrical commercial vehicles that you have likely seen on the highways across the state of Georgia and the United States. Tanker trucks most often carry liquid cargo, such as gasoline or liquid nitrogen. Some tankers may carry pressurized gaseous cargo. No matter what type of cargo a tanker truck is carrying, the long cylindrical shape of the trailer makes it particularly easy for the truck to rollover.

When a tanker rolls over, the cab may stop on its side, though the trailer may come disconnected (decoupled) from the cab. This means that a trailer may end up rolling for quite some distance down a highway, taking out all vehicles in its path. As you can imagine, this can cause devastating damage and injury for other motorists. If you have suffered injury in a tanker truck rollover accident and believe another party caused the accident, contact an experienced Fayette County truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss a possible case.

There do not even have to be adverse weather or road conditions for a tanker truck to rollover, as the majority of these accidents occur on straight stretches of highways, with dry roads, during the daylight, and when the truck was traveling at normal speeds. In such situations, an investigation may be necessary to determine whether negligence caused the accident.

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If you have been involved in an accident with a tanker truck, chances are high that you suffered serious injuries. Such injuries can lead to piles of overwhelming medical bills, significant time missed from work, physical and emotional suffering, permanent disabilities, and much more. If a tanker rolled over because one or more parties acted in a negligent manner, you deserve to be fully compensated for all of your accident-related losses. An experienced truck accident attorney at Shane Smith Law will work to ensure you receive the full amount you deserve in a legal claim, so please call us today at (980) 246-2656 for assistance.

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