The Importance of Truck Accident Reconstruction

In you suffer property damage and injury in an accident with a large commercial truck, chances are you want to be compensated by the responsible party.  Truck accidents can be very complicated, however, and sometimes even determining who (or what) was responsible can be a difficult task.  In order to recover in court, you will need to determine who was at fault and whether that party acted negligently in causing the accident.  There are many possible causes of truck accidents and many potentially responsible parties, all of whom will likely point the blame in another direction to try to avoid liability.  For this reason, an experienced truck accident attorney in Coweta County will know how to thoroughly investigate an accident in order to determine the true cause and to know against whom you should bring a claim in court.

One tool that is vital to determining the cause of a truck accident is accident reconstruction.  Experts in the field of accident reconstruction know how to investigate the scene of the accident and other evidence to determine many factors about the cause of the accident.  Some things experts may look at include:

  • Skid marks, which can indicate speed at the time of the accident, brake time, and other factors
  • Damage to vehicles, which can show the angle of impact and can help recreate the entire course of events, especially if the accident involved multiple points of collision or vehicles
  • The final resting spot of all vehicles, including any cargo that fell out of the truck
  • The types of injuries suffered by all drivers or passengers involved in the accident

Accident reconstruction is very technical and experts go through extensive training to accurately determine the cause of an accident and who was at fault.  If you have been in a truck accident, it is imperative that you contact a Coweta County truck accident lawyer who has resources such as experts and accident investigators.  Call Shane Smith Law today at (980) 246-2656.

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