Truck Accident Statistics Linked to Spinal Cord Injury Necessitating Atlanta Lawyer (Part A)

When you’ve become a part of a truck accident statistic suffering from a spinal cord injury, a lawyer operates in a very narrow and niche field of personal injury law, but the importance of such a specific line of work cannot be overstated. The impact that this type of injury can have on a victim and his or her family can last a lifetime and can affect every facet of your daily life. 

In addition, the high cost of medical care for this type of injury can dwarf health coverage and rainy-day savings, so it’s crucial that you have your case handled by a spinal cord injury lawyer who has handled cases that involve both the aggressive tactics of truck insurance providers and the complex costs of a life-changing injury.

An injury to the spine is defined as a blow, jolt, or fracture to the spinal cord that results in either temporary or permanent change in its normal function, whether motor, sensory, or autonomic. 

A permanent injury to the spinal cord generally results in the loss of function beneath the location of the injury, so an injury to the lower back, for instance, would cause the loss of a range of functions below that spot, namely paralysis or paraplegia. An injury to the upper back, however, would result in a wider range of function loss that could extend to the arms as well. 

How a Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you have suffered a serious injury to your spinal cord after a truck accident, statistics show that the costs can be exorbitant, sometimes reaching over $300,000 in just the first year. Contact a car accident attorney in Atlanta who has handled both truck accident claims and cases involving spinal cord injuries – the experience of having handled both could increase your chances of getting a favorable settlement or judgment for your claim.
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