Nearly 3.5 million drivers exist in the United States, some of whom work for companies and some who are owner-operators.  Truck driving is attractive to many who have wanderlust in their blood, however trucking is not simply all about seeing the world and relaxing behind the wheel.  Many truck drivers do not realize the cons in trucking, and end up abusing substances or developing emotional problems to cope with their disappointment and dissatisfaction with their jobs.  Drivers who are not in their best state of mind are a severe threat to all other drivers on the road and to themselves.  If you are involved and injured in a truck accident with a disgruntled or intoxicated truck driver, make certain to contact an experienced trucking accident lawyer in Coweta County to talk about your case.

Three Common Trucking Myths

One of the most common myths in trucking is that drivers gives you the freedom to see the world.  Though drivers log thousands of miles, they do so while stuck in the cab of their truck.  They often do not get to choose their routes and can drive the same routes repeatedly, which can get boring and old.  Though they do not have to be in an office, regularly report to a boss, or wear business attire, they often are on the road for days at a time by themselves, which can feel very lonely.  Truck drivers sometimes have to miss holidays or other important events with their families.  Therefore, trucking is not all about traveling and experiencing the world.

Another myth is that all truck driving jobs are similar.  This is not the case, as one truck driver's experience on the road can very much differ from another driver's experience.  Routes can be short or very long, some jobs can include picking up and loading your own cargo, and driving different sized trucks makes a huge difference.  Drivers should research what kind of trucking job they want before committing to the trucking lifestyle.

A good myth, however, is that all truck drivers are poor.  Truckers actually have a relatively comfortable standard of living as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that, in 2010, the average truck driver salary was $37,770 and the top ten percent of drivers earned upwards of $57,000.  Therefore, if drivers can deal with the loneliness of the road, there are fairly decent earnings to be made.

If drivers have a skewed view of what the trucking life will be, they can become dissatisfied and unhappy.  Unhappy drivers are less careful and put others in danger on the road.  This is why the myths of trucking should be debunked and truck drivers should know exactly what they are getting into.  If you are in a truck accident, call Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 for a free consultation with an experienced Coweta County trucking accident lawyer.

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