Utility Trucks Can Cause Accidents

Utility trucks are often referred to as bucket trucks, because they have a boom with a bucket or “cherry-picker” attached.  Telephone, cable, and electric companies often use these trucks to get their employees high into the air to service wires.  Bucket trucks are also used to access the sides of tall buildings, signs, and high branches of trees.  Though these trucks are mostly associated with people trying to help of fix problems, the trucks themselves can cause serious and even deadly accidents with other drivers on the roads.  If you have been injured in an accident with a bucket or other utility truck, make sure you contact a truck accident attorney in Woolsey as soon as possible for a free consultation.

There are many reasons why bucket trucks may cause serious accidents.  These may include:

  • The large size and weight of the trucks that travel in largely residential areas with high densities of traffic and pedestrians.
  • Inexperienced drivers, because many companies rent bucket trucks for isolated jobs.  Therefore, the driver may not be adequately trained on how to operate the truck and its sometimes complicated equipment.
  • Inadequate warnings to passing motorists.  Because bucket trucks are usually stopped for work on the sides of roads, there should be plenty of warning to passing motorists to avoid the stopped truck and any falling debris, such as tree branches or tools, from the bucket.
  • Lax maintenance and faulty equipment can also cause falling debris, tipping buckets, and other accidents.
  • De-regulation of electrical companies in the 1980’s allowed many utility companies to cut costs by skimping on training of servicemen or sending out men to do work on their own.  In order to conduct work safely in bucket trucks, there should always be at least a second person to warn motorists or watch out for falling debris.

Motorists injured by bucket trucks often face lawsuits against large utility companies.  While this is intimidating, an experienced trucking lawyer can assist you in recovering for your injuries.  Call Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 today for help.

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