Will the compensation I receive from the insurance company differ if I wait several days after a car crash to go to my primary doctor instead of going to the ER immediately?

Yes. The amount of money accident victims will get from their insurance companies can be higher or lower depending on whether they went to the emergency room immediately after their accidents or if they waited to see their doctor days or weeks later. When a person goes to the ER immediately—the same day of the car accident—the insurance company adds more value to the claim. Whereas, when people wait to see if their injuries will go away or get worse, they often run the risk of having the insurer not believe they are really injured.

Insurance companies look at everything when they evaluate claims, and they think accident victims would seek medical care immediately after a crash if they were really injured. When people wait to see their doctors, insurance agents get leery about the sincerity of their injuries and argue that those who waited were really not injured.

How much money you can expect to receive from your insurance company can, in fact, depend on whether you waited to see your doctor or went to the ER immediately after your Atlanta auto accident. It is important to remember that going to the hospital the day of your crash can help increase the odds of you getting a better insurance settlement.

Additionally, it is important to follow your doctor’s orders. If he or she wants you to get an MRI test, do it. Don’t be too concerned about the medical bills that you fail to obey your doctor’s orders. Insurance companies don’t look too kindly on those who miss appointments or stop treatments. While we know you may be concerned about the money, it is important to your claim that you do everything your doctor requests from you and document every medical-related expense including:

  • Emergency room visit
  • X-rays
  • MRI test
  • Hospital stay
  • Surgical bills
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescriptions

It is also critical that you contact a skilled accident attorney who can help make sure you aren’t making any mistakes along the way that could cause you to receive a lower settlement. Call Atlanta injury lawyer Shane Smith at (980) 246-2656 today for a free consultation to find out more about filing a Georgia personal injury claim.

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