Recovering Lost Wages through an Injury Claim for a Georgia Truck Accident (Part A)

There are many types of compensation an Atlanta trucking accident lawyer can help you seek in an injury claim. One of the many downsides to being seriously injured in a truck accident is that you may be unable to work and will have lost wages. Proving that your injuries resulted in financial losses is a process that an Atlanta auto wreck attorney can assist you with.

Reporting Your Lost Wages in an Injury Claim

It’s not just a matter of showing your last pay stub and having a letter from your employer stating the time you were unable to work and did not get paid. Your injury claim will need much more substantial evidence of lost wages – evidence that an Atlanta trucking accident lawyer may help you compile.

Claiming the amount of lost wages is simple; all you may need is the record of your most recent pay. The difficulty in an injury claim is that you must show that your inability to return to work after a truck accident was due to the injuries you sustained in the crash.

Typically, an Atlanta auto wreck attorney will advise you to seek a medical evaluation for disability from a doctor. Official documentation of your injury, recovery, treatment and prognosis is often necessary to connect the accident as the cause of your lost wages. Your hospital records also can help support your time out from working, as you most likely cannot continue to perform your job if you are laid up in a hospital bed.

You may also need a letter from your employer stating your regular wages and how much time you have missed from work. There are other potential factors, such as whether or not you receive short-term disability benefits through your employer that may need to be reported. These are questions your Atlanta auto wreck attorney can help you answer before filing your injury claim. Contact an attorney today at (980) 246-2656

Continue reading to learn more about how to seek compensation for lost wages beyond your current amounts. You may need to account for longer, even permanent, time off from work or reduced pay due to a decrease in job functions.

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