Advantages of Hiring Disabled Workers

Oddly enough, disabled workers often experience as many problems as ex-cons and the elderly when it comes to securing gainful employment. Part of this problem stems from worries that the disabled will require highly expensive workplace accommodations. Also, many employers fear that the disabled will often be absent frequently due to their various health issues. While these types of concerns do have some validity, there are many simple, inexpensive solutions that minimize most of these potential, problem areas.   

Furthermore, statistics often show that a large percentage of us have a strong likelihood of developing a serious disability of some type prior to entering either our fifties or sixties. In addition, when you discriminate against the disabled, you’re not only breaking the law, but you’re also making life much harder for a subset of workers who are frequently able to do top-level work for very reasonable wages.

Fortunately, there are a number of distinct benefits of hiring the disabled -- in addition to the few general reasons referenced above.   

Ways That the Disabled Can Actually Improve Your Work Environment

  • The disabled are often extremely loyal and very hard-working. Since the disabled are often physically unable to compete for the highest paying jobs available to the lucky ones who’ve suffered few health crises, they are often very eager to work to just simply survive. They’re not working to finance vacations and other pleasures – they’re just trying to pay for special medical treatments not covered by insurance – or to just keep a roof over their head in at least a fairly safe part of town;
  • They help biased employers avoid charges of overt discrimination. It’s against the law to avoid hiring the disabled solely because you don’t understand their unique needs. Although most disabled people never sue anyone, it’s a good idea to at least hire some of them since the government often investigates companies that rarely hire any of these individuals;
  • It’s almost always a “PR plus” to hire the disabled. Many of us are often impressed when we walk into a Target or Home Depot store that hires many workers suffering from various disabilities. Customers often interpret such employment practices to mean that a company that treats the disadvantaged fairly is much more likely to offer fair prices to everyone;
  • Certain tax breaks and advantages are available to companies that hire the disabled. While this should hopefully not be a company’s only incentive for hiring the disabled, it’s certainly legitimate if it helps motivate businesses to “do the right thing.

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