Canceling Your Auto Insurance Policy: Covering All the Bases

If you have done your research and are now ready to switch insurance providers, it is important to cancel your current policy: the right way. Don't be fooled by thinking you can just let your coverage lapse at renewal time, as your account may show that you're in default and may be reported to the major credit agencies. 

Obtain Proof of New Insurance

Georgia law requires that all drivers carry a minimum amount of liability coverage. To ensure that you are in accordance with the law, your current insurance company will ask for proof of coverage before you terminate your policy. Your new provider can help you with this step.

Send Written Notice of Cancelation

Some insurance companies allow you to cancel over the phone; others require written notice. Check the company's website to find information on their cancelation policy and follow the steps necessary to terminate your coverage. Regardless of the policy, sending written notice may help avoid future problems.

Speak with an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Now

When a company acts in bad faith and doesn't honor your coverage, not only should you switch insurance providers but you may also file a claim against the company. At Shane Smith Law, our Atlanta personal injury attorneys have helped a number of clients who found themselves in your shoes. If you suspect your insurance company is acting in bad faith as you pursue a claim, call (980) 246-2656 today to set up a consultation.

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