Information on Moving Truck Accidents

Many people choose to rent moving trucks in order to make their moving process go more quickly and smoothly.  However, many people who rent these large moving trucks do not have the proper training to drive a vehicle of that size and weight.  This increases the chances of accidents and injuries to the occupants of smaller passenger vehicles surrounding the truck.  Furthermore, injuries resulting from large moving truck accidents can be severe, can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses, and can significantly impact a victim’s life.  If you have been the victim of a moving truck accident, contact a Fayette County truck accident lawyer as soon as possible for help with a possible court case.

Moving trucks are significantly more difficult to drive than regular passenger cars, yet regular drivers are allowed to rent and drive these trucks, sometimes across several states or across the entire country.  These trucks are more dangerous for several reasons.  First, there are many more blind spots on a moving truck and the driver cannot see what is driving behind it.  Second, the turning radius is completely different in a truck than a car, therefore drivers will have to swing out, sometimes into neighboring lanes, and go slower in order to turn a corner.  Next, large trucks that are filled with furniture and other belongings is much heavier than a car and will take a longer time and more space to stop.  Drivers who are traveling cross country may grow fatigued and may lose focus as they drive and cause accidents.  Finally, the moving truck company may not have properly inspected or maintained the trucks that they rent out, increasing the chances of malfunctioning parts that may cause accidents.

If you are involved in a moving truck accident, there may be many factors to be considered in determining who the responsible party was and whether they acted negligently.  You should always contact a truck accident lawyer at Shane Smith Law to help you with your potentially complex case.  Call today at (980) 246-2656.

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