Claims process

During the claims process, we need to make sure that all of the insurance companies are aware of the accident. So, we will call each insurance company to get the accident reported; as well as get the claim number and the assigned adjuster who will be on your case. Once we have this information, we send out letters to each company letting them know that you are being represented by our law firm and any further contact about the bodily injury portion of your claim should go through us. You will be able to discuss your property damage claim with the insurance company. 

Also, during this time, we will mail out a letter to the defendant. Our letter asks for their side of the accident and for their insurance information again for verification. Many times the defendant will admit guilt through these questionnaires which helps us when we go into the negotiations phase later on. We will also send out letters to any witnesses that can support your case. The more information we have showing that you are not at fault, the better we are able to negotiate with the insurance companies. 

With all of that being said, this phase is all about making sure that all of the appropriate people and companies know that you have legal representation and making sure that your case is as strong as possible for when you move forward.  Our firm works on making sure that we have a good solid evidence that will help you win your case.   

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