The Medical Treatment Process

Medical treatment process

During the Medical Treatment phase, our case managers are working hard to make sure that they receive all of your initial bills and records you have acquired due to your unfortunate accident/incident.  All of the Case Managers want to be able to help you through this hardship in a timely manner. 

Additionally, the case managers communicate with your insurance company to verify any additional coverage you may have through your policy, including medical payments.  This information will help us to better answer any questions you might have about seeking medical treatment.

While you are going through the treatment process, our case managers will call you about every two weeks to make sure that you are improving. If you are not improving within the appropriate time frame, then we will work together to get you to additional treatment, and suggest a pain specialist based on the type and severity of your injury.

When the treatment process finishes, or Attorney Ron Smith and yourself have discussed it is best to start moving your case forward we can start the next step.  Our case managers will begin collecting  information from you, such as, all of the out of pocket expenses; pharmacy receipts, co-pay receipts, lost wages forms from employer, as well as a travel log. We like to include these costs in our demand packages to the insurance companies to fully show the impact this accident/incident affected you and your life.

*One of our 4 Case Managers will be responsible for your case while you are seeking treatment.  

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