Internal Injuries in a Georgia Truck Accident (Part A)

An Atlanta trucking accident can be much more dangerous and have more serious outcomes than being hurt in a car accident with smaller vehicles. You could suffer from internal bleeding and other major injuries that require extensive medical care and recovery time. If you were injured by a careless truck driver, you could be eligible to receive compensation, and you should contact a car accident attorney in Atlanta to find out how.

What kind of an Atlanta trucking accident can cause internal bleeding?

There are 3 types of incidents that cause many trucking accidents and could cause you to be hurt in a car accident if you are involved. These include: 

  • Jackknifing – When large 18-wheelers or commercial trucks perform sudden turning or braking maneuvers, the truck can “fold” and cause wrecks, especially in bad weather or crowded roads. 
  • Turning accidents – Because of the long and large size of commercial trucks, it can be difficult to turn, and drivers may use dangerous methods to make turns that could lead to an Atlanta trucking accident. 
  • Blind spots – Seeing other drivers can also be hard because of a truck’s size. If a truck driver is already driving carelessly and cannot see you, it could be a deadly combination. 

These are not the only types of accidents that can happen and cause internal bleeding, but these are the most frequently seen. It is important to use extreme caution if you find yourself sharing the road with a large commercial truck. These accidents can happen in seconds and change your life forever. If you were hurt in a car accident because of a truck driver's negligence, you may want to contact an attorney about what to do next. The amount of time to hold the driver legally responsible for the accident could be limited, so do not wait to seek legal assistance.

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