Electronic Distractions Cause Atlanta Truck Accidents

In recent years, Americans have become more and more aware of the dangers of distracted driving. Laws have been passed banning talking on cell phones or texting while driving, but electronic devices are still a major cause of Atlanta car wrecks—and the drivers at fault may surprise you.

Distracted driving is not just causing everyday crashes; it’s also a major cause of Atlanta truck accidents. Truck drivers have to stay behind the wheel for hours at a time, and will often use electronic devices to stave off fatigue and boredom. In addition, they have to monitor the truck’s systems and communicate with their dispatcher, all requiring them to take their attention off the road.

A few Atlanta truck driver distractions:

  • Cell phones. Although talking on cell phones and texting have been restricted, truckers may still use phone applications to play games, look up information or use location maps to guide them to their destination.
  • Radios. Music is often a lifesaver for long, boring drives. But truckers also communicate with other drivers and a home office, resulting in all the distractions of a passenger while also requiring them to take one hand off the wheel.
  • Laptops. In a recent case, a truck driver was arrested for killing six people when he crashed his rig because he was typing on his laptop. This may seem like an isolated incident, but drivers have been known to use laptops to play music or even watch movies to fill the long hours on the road.
  • GPS devices. Truckers rely on GPS systems to find the shortest routes to their unloading sites. However, GPS systems can require a good deal of attention—especially when screens freeze or they take time to recalculate.

As experienced Atlanta truck accident attorneys, we know that truck drivers have very demanding job. But while they may think they are keeping the roads safer by using music devices to stay awake, diverting attention from the road is still risky and—when hauling tons of cargo—possibly fatal.

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